BackStage software solutions

BackStage products group is an infrastructural part of MediaStage solutions.

BackStage is a system for business customers who do not want to face problems and unnecessary costs in business development. It is a multi-level software, the components of which, interacting with each other, allow to build the architecture of the project of any complexity and realize those opportunities that are necessary for high-quality provision of interactive video services.

Regardless of which device the subscriber uses (set-top box, smartphone, tablet or personal computer), BackStage will provide the best quality of service.

BackStage supports simultaneous operation with IPTV and OTT content. The format of the provided content is determined by the type of subscriber unit. This flexibility allows customers to provide interactive video services on any type of network. BackStage products allow the operator to integrate regional projects, into which investments are spent, into a centralized infrastructure with uniform rules for the distribution of content.