Google increases the impact on the television market through Android TV

The interest to the Android TV platform of interactive television operators is growing, supplies of receivers with this platform are increasing all over the world. The data leads analysts of the S&P Global Market Intelligence agency. This situation stimulates the market for the development of user applications and other softwares for devices on this operating system connected to the large screens.

According to the agency, the number of start-ups with Android TV has increased manyfold over the past two years. For Google, this is a major success in the pay-TV market since the not-so-successful launch of Google TV in 2010. The second attempt demonstrates a more rational approach: the solution is based on the mobile operating system Android, which makes it much easier for developers to combine applications of the mobile version of Android with Android TV.

It is expected that smart TVs and receivers (set-top boxes) will become the two main categories of devices that support Android TV in 2021. At the same time, world shipments of all devices with Android TV will grow more than 5 times to 40.1 million units. If we talk only about consoles (receivers), then it is likely that the supply of products will grow even more dynamically - 10 times - to almost 12 million in 2021. The projected revenue in this segment will be $ 730 millions.

Several years ago, the introduction of Android TV involved small IPTV companies (and some cablemen) in Europe and Asia in most cases, in 2017 the launch of solutions with Android TV announced megatelcos (DISH and DirecTV, Bouygues Telecom and NTT DoCoMo). Using Android TV allows operators, regardless of the size of the subscriber base, to offer their customers the popular OTT services and applications presented in the Google Play store - games, social networks and weather applications. From smartphones and tablets on the system, you can send video and photos to the TV, and also manage devices with Android TV from them. Earlier such opportunities were available only to a few providers.

This year the platform received some new features as a part of the upgrade to level 6.0. For example, the addition of the voice Google Assistant. It is part of the Google Home home help program, so now a TV-set is added to the program's toolbox. With Google Assistant, you can turn the TV on and off, change the track or program, view the image on the security cameras, and much more.

At November 7-9, 2017 Google Android TV Summit in Bangkok, AB Technology was the only Russian developer to present solutions for the Android TV platform. Participants of the Summit particularly noted the FrontStage User Interface, the distinguishing feature of which is an ergonomic navigation mechanism and a single style of interaction for different devices. Design interface can be adapted for the corporate identity and the specific requirements of the provider of interactive video services, even whithout and within the most modest budgets.

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