About us

AB Technology specialises in the production and supporting of Interactive TV projects.

AB Technology works with professionals in the industry.

There among our ranks are leading specialists in Interactive TV industry, who were trained and certified in Russia and abroad. Most staff have many years of experience in the sphere of Interactive TV and had participated in the launch of the first projects interactive digital TV, not only in Russia, but also in other countries.

Every year, the number of people using Interactive TV services increases significantly. Interests of customers is thus shifting from the traditional TV to the Interactive online-TV. The AB Technology company solutions provide services for video and internet service providers, content aggregators, content owners, for streaming services suppliers enabling them to flexible introduction of wide range of services in a short time to market and provide these services wherever and whenever on any network type and a wide range of devices like STB, Smartphone, Tablet, SmartTV and PC.

The main feature of our company is individual approach to each partner.

We build a cross-platform cloud software solutions and we always offer our customers the most complete and innovative solutions. Our experience enables us to make proposals to the macro-regional operators as well as to the small communication networks owners. Among our customers there are not only content providers, but also theatres, football clubs, videoblogs - the organizations, which operate in different business spheres, whose activities are linked to consumption, production or broadcast of the video content.

We have sufficient resources available to successful implementation complex projects in the sphere of IPTV, OTT, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C or hybrid TV.  This enables our partners to gain benefits from launching the solution from the ground-up or from update of the existing solution.

Striving for perfection is our strongest position.

We are continually updating our products and using the innovative approach of development and design.  AB Technology anticipates market trends and constantly growing customer needs. This allows for more efficient supervision to our projects by providing support 24х7 in different languages (according to the SLA terms), to expand the functionality of a projects for creation of additional opportunities for monetization of the services. 

All our software produced by specialists of our R&D division and has registration certificates.

AB Technology creates the innovative products for effectively addressing the customers challenges and for satisfied needs of their users.

We are ready for any request and we are sure we can create to you branded service in the shortest terms and with minimum financial investments.

We are ready to offer the solution:

D-U-N-S number AB Technology LLC: 685931471